Purple Pain For The Denver Broncos

When fans reflect on the Broncos loss to Baltimore, it will be big plays that get most of the attention.The 70-yard missle shot up the sideline here. The misplayed ball there. The interceptions, fumbles and returns for touchdowns.

But how the Broncos fared on some of the smallest plays of the day, the ones that needed to cover just one or two yards, also had a lot to say about the shocking double overtime loss.

They also say a lot about what the Broncos’ offense needs to address for 2013 if they are to be a Super Bowl contender.

The Broncos faced six situations Saturday of third-and-2 or less when they tried to run the ball. They had one third-and-2 and five third-and-1s.They converted just three of those plays.

Either the Denver offensive line couldn’t get the play blocked, or their running backs couldn’t break tackles. But the offense won’t be all it needs to be until the Broncos can run the ball when they want to, especially in end-of-game situations or when they need a short conversion to keep a drive going.

They don’t have to dominate in the run game, but they do have to be functional. And that means picking up 3rd-and-short with a run.

The Broncos lost their best inside runner when Willis McGahee sustained a knee injury against San Diego. McGahee’s backup, Knowshon Moreno, went down to a knee injury Saturday.

And the offensive line, with a backup center, Dan Koppen, and right guard Chris Kuper having missed nine full games this season, was unable to carve up enough room in the middle of the field Saturday.

Ronnie Hillman converted his only third-and-1 chance with a 1-yard run, but the Broncos didn’t convert a third-and-2 and didn’t convert two third-and-1s when Jacob Hester, a player the team signed Nov. 26, carried the ball.One of those plays was wiped out by a Kuper penalty that pushed the Broncos back 10 yards.

But it’s clear, even with Peyton Manning at quarterback, the Broncos will need to address their running game in the coming draft and free agency seasons. Because with all that went on Saturday night, if the Broncos could have gained a yard or two when they really needed to, they would still be playing this weekend.

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Cherry Creek Fun @ The Zoo

 Denver Zoo 

In one word – extraordinary. Visitors can view 3,500 different animals, representing over 650 species. That means a rare look at exotic animals like amur leopards, king cobras, black rhinos, coral reef fish, elephants, zebras, vampire bats, gorillas and more.

Updated habitats

Modern zoo exhibitry has improved the lives of animals and created a richer experience for Denver Zoo visitors. With naturalistic habitats like the new Predator Ridge as well as Tropical Discovery, Primate Panorama and the Dragons of Komodo exhibit, the Zoo is working to enhance the lives of some of the world’s most endangered species.

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Did You Enjoy Cherry Creek? Check Out This Next City!


Hermosa Beach is a beachfront city in Los Angeles CountyCaliforniaUnited States. Its population was 19,506 at the 2010 census, up from 18,566 at the 2000 census.

The city is located in the South Bay region of the greater Los Angeles area and is one of the threeBeach Cities. Hermosa Beach is bordered by the other two, Manhattan Beach to the north and Redondo Beach to the south and east.

The city’s beach is popular for sunbathingbeach volleyballsurfingpaddleboarding and bars. The city itself extends only about 15 blocks from east to west and 40 blocks from north to south, with the Pacific Coast Highway running down the middle. Situated on the Pacific Ocean, Hermosa’s average temperature is 70 degrees in the summer and 55 degrees in the winter. Westerly sea breezes lessen what can be high summertime temperatures in Los Angeles and elsewhere in the county and help keep the smog away 360 days of the year.


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Cherry Creek Camping

Enjoy Campgrounds @ Cherry Creek State Park

Anchored around a 880 surface acre reservoir, the park offers a natural prairie environment of gentle, rolling hills and complete outdoor recreation facilities, including camping, picnicking, and facilities for group events. Close and convenient, Cherry Creek is Denver’s big back yard. This popular park often reaches capacity on summer weekends. Off-peak periods like weekdays, before or after work, early spring or late fall, are less crowded and provide a quieter experience.

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Arapahoe vs. Cherry Creek Lacrosse Match

Arapahoe and Cherry Creek played in a big High School match. Both teams played hard and had many scoring opportunities.

Lacrosse is a team sport of Native American origin played using a small rubber ball and a long-handled stick called a crosse or lacrosse stick. It is a contact sport which requires padding such as shoulder pads, gloves, helmets, elbow pads, and sometimes even rib guards. The head of the lacrosse stick is strung with loose mesh designed to catch and hold the lacrosse ball and can also be strung with hard mesh.

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